About – Palmah

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Hailing from the decrepit and disreputable streets of North Dunedin, tucked away in a frigid corner of New Zealand, Palmah was born into a culture and community which cannot be explained, only experienced. As with any upbringing, it took a piece of every soul that raised it and continues to do so as it evolves into the future. 

Like Dunedin, Palmah stems from the deep rooted desire to bring human's together into one eccentric being. It is a wine shared with friends that goes into the dawn of a new day. An aura which you can neither see nor touch, but feel.  

From seed to tree, the Palmah whānau has grown from its original two brothers, to a melting pot of artists, surfers, skaters, muso’s, neighbours, strangers and anyone in between that we are blessed to call our friends today. 

With a strong etho for the continued health of people and planet, Palmah uses solely eco-friendly materials and is planting trees around the world to achieve carbon neutrality. With a sustainable future in mind, we hope to ensure that our playground stays happy and healthy for many generations to come. 

Welcome to the whānau, we’re stoked to have ya!  

Palmah x